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kolfinna ✭✭✭✭
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I'm new to Smartsheet as of this week and am getting the hang of things, so please bear with me:

What I have:

  • Large datacenter project involving nine teams
    • technology inventory for each team
    • Risk Register report
    • Migration scheduling report
    • Dashboard for project health specific to their team

What I want to do:

  • Roll up each team's inventory into a master project file dynamically
    • I started with a report, but can't seem to get predecessors working the way I'd like -- maybe I need to re-do the inventory as a project instead of a grid sheet?
    • One of my requirements is to sequence the migration end-to-end; I feel like a project would work really well here as we document upstream/downstream dependencies in each team's inventory
  • Roll up each team's risk assessment/mitigation plan into a master sheet
    • Seems straightforward enough; at least, moreso than the migration plan. Somehow.
  • Ensure all rolled up information is also consumable for metrics on the program dashboard.

What's the best way to consolidate only necessary items from inventory sheets into a working project file cross-division? The inventory list for each team has some 50+ columns as it's tracking a lot of additional information that will be useful for other teams (e.g., which applications connect to what databases), but most of that I don't need for either the risk register nor the sequencing order.