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Kanban Project management

Roar Syltebø
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Would it be possible to have a Kanban view of the projects I have setup? It could be organized easily by have a collumn with the different Kanban collumns as menu items in a dropdown menu. Then, when entering Kanban view all tasks displays as items in the Kanban collumn they belong to. This would alow a flexible visualisation og the project from lists, Gant chart to Kanban view. For our projects with a lot of simultanious taskt with multiple subtasks that are worked on at the same time it would be very helpfull! Now we are using Trello simultaniously with Smartsheet, but it is timeconsuming to use two different systems, and Smartsheet is the most flexible one, so we would like to stick with you folks....



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 06/24/15

    We don’t support Kanban project management but we are looking to implement a card view of your sheet data which ay work for your needs. I don’t have a timeframe for release but we are working to hard to get this released. 

  • James Harr
    edited 07/29/15

    I am intersted in a card (KanBan) view as well.


    In a lot of ways I don't think I understand exactly what I need out of a card view, so I think a basic single-lane view would be the best step to take. One specific thing I will request is the ability to hide certain columns/stages. IE: parking lot/backlog and archived items. Whether that's done by filter or done in the view isn't particularly important.

  • Is there any movement on this? Is there a feature request page I can follow?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Bryan,  good news - card view is currently in development! I don't have an exact timeframe when this will be released by you can stay up to date on what we are working on by checking out our product roadmap: https://www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap

  • Ben Bradley
    edited 11/13/15

    Hey Travis,

    any movement or date on this? The Zapier integration only moves from Kanban Tool to Smartsheet - we'd love to learn more about progress on the 'card view'. Any update?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hey Ben! I still dont have a release date I can give you but the developers are making good progress!  I just used the card view today... It will be worth the wait! 



  • Rob Ferguson
    edited 11/23/15



    I am extremely interested in this functionality. If you're ever looking for beta testers let me know. I'm currently managing a kanban board on another tool and manually keeping it in sync with our portfolio Smartsheets. The card view is going save me a ton of time! 





  • Jorge
    edited 12/23/15

    Hi - Can we get at least a timeframe for this? is it planned for Q1, Q3, later?


    Can you disclose more details about how the feature will be implemented? For example, can we expect one of the columns acting as the Kanban board columns and Kanban cards made up from information in other columns?


    We are starting to work now with Smartsheet, and being able to implement our Kanban board will be a big advantage.



  • Robin Sherwood
    Robin Sherwood Employee
    edited 12/28/15

    Hi Jorge, 


    We are working hard to get this in Q1 but it will be close. The feature will actually work as several posts have described. Choose a dropdown field from your sheet and the options will become columns in the card (kanban) view. The sheet's primary column will show as the card title (similar to the calendar view) and you will be able to select additional fields to display on the cards. Here is a concept screen of what it could look like, It won't be exactly like this, but pretty close for V1. 



    Please let me know if you have any questions. 




    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.29.20 PM.png

  • I guess dragging a card to a colmn updates the value of the status.


    It would be great to have "work in progress limits" (max # of cards in a column) as well. It is pretty fundamental to kanban.



  • Hallo,

    i am also very interested in kanban. Do you have a release date?



  • We are actively  working on this feature and hope to ship the first version near the end of Q1, beginning of Q2. 

  • The irony here is that the Dev team is probably using Scrum to create the Kanban view.  Foot in Mouth


    Question - Will you be able to view multiple sheets on a single board?   We have one board for all of our projects, and in Smartsheet we keep each project on a separate sheet because they are for separate clients.  While I would love having a Kanban or Scrum view in Smartsheet, having a sepate board for each sheet won't go far in replacing the big board on the wall or the agile tools we use to track this.  

  • @Tom


    The team is using RUP! Just kidding. Our process is closer to kanban than scrum, we don't have sprints, we are just working toward and MVP based on a prioritized backlog.  As the PO I have all my user stories in a sheet and I leverage the hierarchy to organize items by functional area or Feature/Epic/Story. Then I pull all the individual rows into a report and prioritize them using a number column (drag-fill is nice). It is pretty manual at this stage so I will be really happy when the card view ships and I can just drag-n-drop the priority in the backlog.  


    As to your question, our V1 won't allow card view on reports so one sheet per board, sorry.  However, we do see that as a pretty big need and multi-sheet boards are definitely on our backlog. 





  • Hi there,


    Any update on a release date for this?





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