Card View - Card Layout

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We use smartsheet as a CRM/Project management.  Each Row is a new project we are quoting.  In the rows we have over 25 different columns.  The way we usually view and enter data in them is in card view.  The problem is I would like to change the layout when viewing in card view, not just the order they are in, but actually arranging them.  I think this would make it much easier to enter data in.  For example when you make the window wider, each field just gets wider with it.  This is not necessary because some of the info entered is very short, a few characters.  I would like to put make the form very custom, where it would have different sections or some entry areas side by side, etc, I guess have it feel more like a form. 

Any idea if we are able to do this?