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How to allow tasks to flow up and down



I'm a teamleader that keeps track of all tasks and put them into smartsheet. So I'm the connectionpoint for all stakeholders. But I don't solve the tasks, my team does.

The priority of which task should be solved first is alligned with 5 other team leads.


So right now I have an overviewsheet with all tasks and the priority of these and where I assign them to one of the teammembers  - from there I would like these tasks to flow to a sheet owned by the assignee and then he and she can update it and add subtasks and then this will be updated on the overview sheet.


Is there a way to do this or any other smarter solution to allow information to "flow both ways" so to say


  • Hi Rasmus-- This is just my opinion, and other Community members may have different thoughts, but I might consider flipping your workflow a little bit and using a combination of Sheets and a Report to accomplish this. 

    Check out this article from our Support Blog on getting started with Reporting: https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/support-tip-reports-organize-data


    Using a Report in place of a "Master Sheet" would allow you to roll-up rows from your team's sheets and organize this data in your preferred format, while still allowing your team to retain autonomy over their individual sheets. Let me know what you think of this!



  • I thought about that as well, but my problem is that I would have to choose who should do the job as soon as it gets on my list and I would like to avoid that.


    I would like to follow how much each teammember has on their backlog and then I'm able to assign them tasks if they have time to solve it.


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