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Feature Request: Ability to @ someone and they get notified

A.C. Ivory
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I would love the ability to be able to @ someone when making a comment, and then they get notified in and email that I mentioned them. This would really help when I am making comments and I want people in my team to see that comment (without having to use the notifications feature because it isn't that great because it is all or nothing). 



  • Si Spence
    Si Spence ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    totally agree...as a new user to SS I was just looking for the same thing.  If this isn't available now, then SS should defo think about including.  Also comments needs to be called 'discussion' or 'chat' as most sheets have a 'comments' colum for status etc and the terminology is confusing.

  • Hi All—one of our future goals for comments is having the ability to @mention users! Another important and high demanded feature on our plate is a conditional notifications feature. We're also currently conducting usability studies on conditional notifications that you can test out and provide feedback on here: https://community.smartsheet.com/announcement/weigh-smartsheets-next-strategic-feature


    Although I don't have a specific timeframe, down the road we hope to allow a conditional notification from an @mention in a comment. I'll add your vote for this feature to our enhancement request list which is reviewed by our Product team.

  • Si Spence
    Si Spence ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Shaine...are there any smart plans at SS to change 'comments' to 'discussion' or 'chat' or something other than comments because when most projects with SS have a 'comments' column, often next to status, the 'Comments' function becomes rather confusing for people.


    I hope you get my drift.  Thanks.

  • Hello Si—The Comments feature recently replaced a now retired feature called "Discussions" in the application. We've found that the majority of people better related to, and would get more use out of a Comments feature with a thread/reply style. We also want to add functionality to the app that make more sense in a Comments feature, such as @mentioning other collaborators on a sheet.


    I'll get your vote down for the feature name to be changed, but I wanted to give you some context on the feature change and why our Product team chose that name.

  • Si Spence
    Si Spence ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Shaun's, good to know. Just one final comment from me on using the word 'comments', is that 'comments' is quite a one-way word that doesn't invite collaboration or reply. #justcollaborating


    We've ve only been using SS for a few weeks and putting aside some colleagues resistance to change many of us are really seeing the upside in our general structure and awareness of what's going on with projects....it's so great to get rid of all those 'me-systems' that people have squirrelled away on their c-drives. 


    Keep up the good work. 

  • Thanks Si—we're here to make work management better for as many people as possible. :)

  • Kenyon Bajus
    Kenyon Bajus ✭✭✭✭

    when is this going to be implemented?

  • Hello Ken, we don't have a timeframe for when this feature will be released in the app but I have your vote down for this.



  • Mark my vote down, too!

    Do we have a timeline for this feature, yet?

    Our team has been using Smartsheet for a couple months now, but I am new to the team and came from a Basecamp background. I miss the user-friendliness of Basecamp and we are considering moving to that, or Teamwork.

    Does anyone else have advice on how to function within Smartsheet without the @ mention function? How do you notify team members when you have feedback or updates? Our team isn't wanting to read through every email that comes through notifying of new comments.

    Another solution might be to have the ability to better customize the notification emails. Rather than have 50 emails a day that say "New Comment" (in an email that I always have to 'Click to View Images') - could we have it customized to say what project it is for?


  • Please add my vote too, I'm representing a team of 25 users and all of them keep asking me about this feature.

    Any ETA of when this could be released?

  • This would be really useful – up vote from me!

  • We would love to have this feature

  • Please add my vote as well. We have the ability to @mention users in another product and it has been invaluable!

  • Would be so helpful to have this!

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