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New to smartsheet - Creating a document from several sheets of information


I am new to smartsheet and am self taught by using the youtube guides.


I was hoping someone maybe able to guide me in the right direction.  I am using smartsheet to create a log for new sample parts we need to test (product development testing).  The log will contain a brief description, a photo, dates and also have links to other sheets which contain more information such as test results, drawing etc.


So you will be able to click on test results sheet of a particular sample and it take you directly to the results for that product.  Same for the drawing - I plan on importing a drawing as an image onto a sheet.


The output I need is to create a document - perhaps a PDF that I can print - which includes certain bits of data from the log, but then also the data from the sheets that are linked to it such as test results.  I have tried to use the report builder function but this seems to be useful for creating reports around sales and finance data during different periods.


The other option was to have a log....then have the items attached to the row of the log such as test reults in an excel form.  If this was the case, is there a way of creating a document from all the attached files on a row?


I hope this makes sense and is do-able.

Any help would be appriciated - as I say I am new to Smartsheet and have had no official training on it.



  • Benjamin Walker

    Backing up your document may be just what you need! Try creating a sample log and then creating a backup (including images in the grid, comments, and attachments)


    I think that should do what you are looking for :)

  • David Southern

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for your feedback.  I have had a look on smarsheet and don't know what you mean.  Is there a 'back up' button? or do you just mean make a copy of the current sample log?  Will this allow me to print/create a document which includes several other sheets?


    I bascially have a grid type log of parts, each row corresponds to 1 product.  Within each row there are cells that include a link to another sheet - such as 'results' - click on that it will take you to a different sheet with a different format inlcuding all the results.


    My ideal would be to create a document/report from a row on the log which inlcudes all the data from the sheets that are hyperlinked from it.


    Maybe a little more explanation on the back up method would help - as I say I am new to smartsheet.



  • Benjamin Walker

    Sorry for my vagueness.

    When right clicking a sheet or workspace there is a backup option in the right click menu! I think a workspace per project followed by a workspace backup might work best for you.


  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Based on your needs, the main 2 options I can think of are to: 1) have the attachments on a row as you state in your second option below or 2) purchase the SIGHTS feature which is a Dashboard type sheet and have links to the attachements, images, etc for each product item.  https://www.smartsheet.com/product-tour/sights


    I've been using SS for 2 years now and am not aware of any feature that allows a document to be created of existing data elements from a sheet.


    Hope that helps.



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