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Contacts and Web forms

Guy Buschmann
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi Everyone, 

I am relatively new to smartsheets and there are two things I have been trying to work out adn for the life of me can not find the information to show how its done. 


The first is having a field aut populate based on picking a contact

e.g Contact name = Gary Bee then the next cell should auto popolate with Gary Bee's email.

Can this be done?

Along the smae lines I would like to make a drop down list based on fields on another sheet and then also have a secondary field update. (Same as lookup, which I have found but can not find hwo to make the list)


I am also trying to find out on web forms how I can have information auto populate for a contact.

e.g.  I am creating a maintenance log and want to be able to select a contact that is already in my contact list. 

I can't however get the form to look for the data live and I am worried if someone doesnt enter the contact details correctly then the information wont be linked to the customer and also make it harder for reporting. 


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