Control Center Link Woes

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Needed to migrate project folders to a SysAdmin user after co-worker resigned. Now new projects don't fill into summary sheets properly and project folders are different URLs/Link IDs and can't run Update Reporting on them.



I've opened up a support ticket for this issue and will update this with any resolution(s).


A few months ago, a co-worker that was the admin for one of the Control Center Blueprints decided to take ownership of all of my files (without permission or reason). The co-worker resigned, but never transferred ownership back, and left me trying to fix things. After the co-worker left, I didn't want to have to go through the process of moving files (and ownerships) to another user who may also leave - rinse, repeat, ad nauseum...

Now that there was no one to say it was too difficult, I created a SysAdmin user that will never leave the company and will never be away on vacation. If you/your company is trying to follow any "best practices" doctrines, I highly recommend doing this from the get-go.

The USER MANAGEMENT > TRANSFER OWNED ITEMS TO OTHER USER wasn't working (many many attempts), so I made a new workspace as SysAdmin and moved all of the project folders from Projects Workspace (the one I originally created but the co-worker took ownership of) to Admin Projects Workspace. This was a fairly long process.. moved 20+/- project folders at-a-time. I also created a new SCC Admin Workspace for the config sheet, SCC template folder, sheets, reports and dashboards - then moved the appropriate things there.

I had tested most everything before going through this process to make sure sheet references, cell-links and such would retain cohesiveness. Something I had not tested for was the SCC summary sheets' output and roll-up of info/links. During the process of moving all of the project folders, Control Center was unable to follow the path to the updated folder URL or ID for all of the projects that had been provisioned before migrating things.

Please understand, I'm not upset with Smartsheet or Control Center... not in the least. Support is on top of it and working to get things straightened out. This is more meant as a cautionary tale to those that manage Control Center Blueprints.

Current Resolution(s):

Maximum inbound cell links per sheet was stuck at 5000 (standard users' limit). The SCC customer limit is 20x more. The newly provisioned projects are inserting into the summary sheets perfectly now.

Other resolutions will be posted in comments.