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Conditional Statements

Divya Purnima
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi Everyone, 


I would like to as add formula to the start date and finish date of the task/project like, if the duration is less than 3days, the result will "rush fee applies" like a note.


And, another formula is for language services or any other; language checks box yes or no if I click on yes those languages will appear and other will hide.


Final one is for Budget I want to add a formula if the budget value is less than $5000.00 then It should send us alert. 


Can you please help us how to add formulas for the above 3 statements?



  • Rod Finch
    Rod Finch
    edited 12/06/16

    Hi Divya,


    For the first formula, make a new column and enter =if(([end date]x - [start date]x)<3, "Rush fee applies") equation


    For the second formula, make a new column and enter =if([language check box]x = 1, "Lauguage Service", "Any Other")

    If there are multiple language check boxes, try to nest the if equation e.g. =if([language 1 check  box]x = 1, "Language 1 service", if([language 2 check box]x = 1, "Language 2 Service", ...)


    And for the last one,

    First, set up a flag symbol column and enter this equation in it "=if([budget value]x < 5000, 1, 0), this will result in getting a red flag when a budget is lower than $5,000.

    And set up an alert with conditions "send *person(s)*" + "send immediately" + "when *flag column* changes".


    x = row number


    Hopefully that works.

  • Divya Purnima
    edited 12/07/16

    Thank you, Rod.

    I'll input the formula and let you know.

  • Divya Purnima
    edited 12/09/16



    I tried the formulas and it's not working.

    Is there any way for this?

  • Rod Finch
    Rod Finch
    edited 12/11/16

    Hi Divya,


    Can you tell me;


    1. which equation(s) does not work; and

    2. names of the columns?


    And with the notification, if you make the changes, you will not get the notification (notification only works if someone else makes the change).

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