Due to recent updates Smartsheet emails go to the Spam folder. How to avoid this?


Due to a recent change where emails seem to come from a user like "My Name via Smartsheet" those emails are sent to the spam folder because "this email appears to come from someone you know but there's a different email address".

You are going to want to say "let users check their Spam folder" but my workflow emails are sent to Directors and I cannot predict to which. It could be any in the company, so I MUST be able to trust that the email does NOT ever go to spam.

You could also suggest that smartsheet could be whitelisted, but my corporate IT syas they never whitelist any companies, not even microsoft, because if the practice good email hygiene it should not be neccesary.

Does anybody know a solution?

Does Smartsheet need to change the way they send email?


  • Mary_A
    Mary_A ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Michiel Buenk Looks like this issue may have originated with the recent change in automation emails. This page describes the Tips & Best Practices.

    For us, also, this wasn't a good change --- our smartsheet reports can communication with various outside organizations. We didn't want to have them replying to our individual users. The idea that we would create an "owner" account also didn't work for us. A better implementation would have allowed each sheet to have a "Sheet Email" property it could pull from.

    In any case, I think you should talk to your Sales Rep. That's what I was told to do when I pointed out this new feature was a problem for us.