Using automation to create copy of deleted rows

Jon Friend
Jon Friend ✭✭✭
edited 06/23/22 in Smartsheet Basics

A suggestion for the SmartSheet development team: there's lots of posts in the community forum about retrieving deleted records and making back-up tables. Perhaps something that would fill a gap would be a new option on automation: trigger = "When rows are deleted" !! Seems so easy and simple then to set-up a workflow: When rows are deleted, copy to new sheet. Effectively, it would make a table of deleted records. If that could occur, we could create a column in that new "deleted records" table: RestoreStatus. A smartSheet user with permission to the deletedRecords sheet could then - when a record needs to be retrieved - simply update the RestoreStatus column, and another workflow could then copy that record BACK to the original production table. Many more things we could do... if only we had the ability to setup an automation with the trigger: "When rows are deleted"