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Slow Response Time

Vikki Cooper
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi all,

Is anyone else struggling with slow response times from Smartsheet. I have around 40 sheets that i work on, and 1 tab open. Even simple tasks like moving the mouse and clicking on a cell or an option is taking around 30 seconds to complete the action. 

I have tried this in empty sheets and still finding the issue so cant be down to a large amount of data in the sheet. This has been occurring all week and is very frustrating. 

I have done a speed test to even rule this out but i am now at a loss.

Any guidance would be brilliant as I am trying to create a Business Case presentation and it is taking far longer than expected and I am fast running out of time.




  • I'm assuming you've tried restarting your browser and/or your computer? 

    Have you tried closing all of the sheets you're not working on? (This might be easier if you right-click on a tab and "Close all but this one" and re-open the ones you need).

  • Hi Vikki,

    Here's some troubleshooting you can try on your end:

    1. See if the issue is related to your network connection. Test other network connections—if you get a better result then something on your network is blocking Smartsheet or your network speed is affecting connection between your computer and Smartsheet.
    2. This may be browser related. Make sure that you're using the latest version of your browser. Try using Smartsheet in a completely different browser. (Smartsheet runs best in the latest version of Chrome.)
    3. Browser extensions could be causing issues. Disable all of your browser extensions and see if performance improves. If it does, isolate the extensions causing the issue and remove them.
    4. This may be a computer issue. Temporarily try accessing your sheets from a different computer to see if the issue persists.

    If the above doesn't work, contact our Support team to troubleshoot further with you.

  • Hi Shaine

    I had checked my network connection and all was fine.

    I made sure Chrome was updated and disabled my extensions as you advised and one of these seemed to fix it. Thanks so much

  • Hi Matt

    I had tried all of the options prior to adding this post. Really was at a loss.

    Was either a browser issue or an extension issue.

    Thanks so much for your advice

  • OAP
    edited 07/24/17

    Smartsheet is VERY slow - Especially if you use Formulas - we had a sheet built for us using several Paid For design desk sessions by Smartsheet and when we tried to use it the sheet ground to a halt

    We were told that it was a Browser issue - too many formulas for the browser

    Rebuilt it in Google Sheets and no issues - works very smoothly so the issue appears to be with Smartsheet

    BTW they have refused to refund the design desk sessions used to have the sheet built

    Hundreds of $$$ down the drain 


    It also appears to be slow periodically on different computers with different browsers


    - we never experience those issues with other software especially sheet systems like Excel and Google Sheets


    - seems like there is some kind of known issue with smartsheet that they dont want to talk about??

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