Resource Management - Assignments and regional holidays - what am i missing?

Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

I'm feeling very confused or very swindled. Either way not thrilled right now.

I was sold on the promise that Resource Management will be SS's integrated (via add-on) resource planner, where you can apply different roles, placeholders, regional holidays, etc; and that this would all lead to improved task assignments and schedule planning.

Instead, what i am seeing is:

  • Regional holidays are manually applied "leave types" that must be crafted for each individual resource, not applicable to region or department, nor date based.
  • Leave's are not applied to tasks in any way meaningful on scheduling assignments during project creation via Control Center and/or Smart Sheet. Holidays and leaves are completely ignored from SS/CC's scheduling.
  • There is zero indication in SS on assignment/scheduling risks when assigning resources who may or may not be available. Even after "updating" the resource management side panel, there is still zero notice/indication that the task you assigned will not be completed on time due to assignee being on leave.
  • We will need to frequently log in to Resource Management, go to EACH AND EVERY assigned leave across EVERY resource, make several clicks to access "remove overlapping assignments" option, only to have any overlapping assignments reduce in duration. It does NOT adjust the completion date based on downtime, but just shorten lead times? This means assignments become unrealistic in duration, making schedules a near guarantee for failure?

Am i missing something? Other than the pretty (and useful) allocation heatmap, there is literally zero positive functionality to aid in resource planning or project scheduling? Instead its actually making scheduling worse and makes heatmap unreliable.

Hoping its a huge misunderstanding on my part and im just not understanding how to leverage this?