Intake sheets add on process flow task management aligning with project plan


I am setting up a sort of hybrid project with a large cable manufacturer, the project started and stopped during COVID and they had no task management. I am to use SmartSheet for the project plan, which I have mostly in place other than sites not visited yet. At the end of the day, I am standing up an OT network at several sites US/Mexico

I setup the ticketing add on, the task add on, and I have created the new sheets. I can link them into the project plan by task, which is great. I think, still working that out entirely.

How do you use the intake/ticket to gather site location information in a way that I can without issue inset the findings into my project plan, copy to the task manager add on etc.

Hope that makes sense, in another world I am setting up the ticketing portion to be like a template, or what you would use if you gave someone a JIRA, so to speak. So I give the ticket to an assigned champion at the location with his list,. he does the work and I import the list..

Thank you for any insight, I may be making this hard than I need to, ha, or try to do too much with this app.