Intake sheets add on process flow task management aligning with project plan

I am setting up a sort of hybrid project with a large cable manufacturer, the project started and stopped during COVID and they had no task management. I am to use SmartSheet for the project plan, which I have mostly in place other than sites not visited yet. At the end of the day, I am standing up an OT network at several sites US/Mexico

I setup the ticketing add on, the task add on, and I have created the new sheets. I can link them into the project plan by task, which is great. I think, still working that out entirely.

How do you use the intake/ticket to gather site location information in a way that I can without issue inset the findings into my project plan, copy to the task manager add on etc.

Hope that makes sense, in another world I am setting up the ticketing portion to be like a template, or what you would use if you gave someone a JIRA, so to speak. So I give the ticket to an assigned champion at the location with his list,. he does the work and I import the list..

Thank you for any insight, I may be making this hard than I need to, ha, or try to do too much with this app.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Daniel.Graham

    Would you be able to post screen captures of your set-up to explain further (but block out sensitive data)?

    You could set up a Form on your sheet to gather new information. This would create a new row in Smartsheet. Then you can use the Copy Row automation to copy this row to a different sheet, if that's what you need, or you could use a Report to gather multiple sheets together.

    If you already have the sheet set up with all the rows you need, and you're looking to have someone else Update those rows and add information, you can email them an Update Request which looks like a form. They can fill this out from their email without needing to be shared to a sheet. See: Automatically request updates on tasks and Manually Send an Update Request

    There are some free Webinars that you may find useful as well, see: Onboarding Webinars & Best Practice Webinars