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Drop down list data from column in another sheet

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Hello Users,


I am very new to SS and was wondering how I might go about achieving the ability to link a cells data to an entire column in another sheet.  For example, I have a "Current Jobs" sheet and a "Distributors" sheet.  When I enter a new job in Current Jobs, the Distributor field in current jobs must only contain Distributors that have already been defined in the "Distributors" sheet.  A drop down list containing data from the "Distributors" sheet would work well.  Is this possible?






  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This has been raised many many times and it is being looked at by smartsheet but at the moment the answer is no.  It is on their route map but n idea when or if it will be implimented.

    It is such an obviouse enhancement that ca nbe achieved in many different ways.  


    In the mean time have a report from the Distributers sheet that lists those that have been approved. This means that they only need to look at the report rather than the whole sheet to find a suitable distributer.


  • Thanks for the response James!  We'll just have to wait for this it seems.  It would also be nice if there was a way for users to track the status of ER's as well.

  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    not a lod of detail but better than nothing.


    Phaps Smartsheet could put the link into the Quick Links

  • This functionality would be make or break for me to pay more for the product e.g. at the moment I don't wish to upgrade, although users and groups would be useful, however, the ability to do this sort of thing would make all the difference... data driven drop downs are possible in Excel, why not smartsheet?  Ouch!  Sorry, couldn't resist - 365 is cheaper, but I want your product to do it! :-)

  • Scott Ethersmith
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    Agreed. This would add a crucial level of interaction. I am considering moving my entire team (a subset of a large IT group) off of Jira onto Smartsheets. But I need to be able to control dropdown data, or there is too much day-to-day pain.


    Smartsheets, please do pursue.

  • We've had worked up design versions of "other sheet reference cells" similar (but easier to use) to vLookup in Excel, and the "other sheet lookup list box" (vListLookup) that you're asking for a while now.  They are one of my personal top picks as well.   There are some other features and improvements that are natually bundled with the work to deliver these, and as a group they are not yet on the next-up-deck.  

  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/07/17

    I believe what people here are looking for is not Vlookup etc but more like dynamic centerally stored lists that can be used in the Dropdown fields rather than having to type them in each time they want to use them in a new column.

    As you will be aware in Excel you can create Dropdown lists using Data Validation tools, these can be hard listed or Cell ranges or Named Ranges.  This means when you are planning your Workbook you can create all the lists in one sheet, Name them and then just select or enter them through Data Validation to a single cell or a range of cells.  Very powerful.

    I believe that what is required in Smartsheet in a similar system to create lists to use in the Field Properties of dropdown list fields.  I do not suggest at this stage that you need the full functionality of individual cells or range of cells, just to be able to use the same list in multiple columns in multiple sheets.

    Implementation I would see as a choice when creating a Dropdown Field of Linked list or fixed list with Linked list allowing you to point to a column in another sheet to pick up the list items, and a fixed list as being one you type in specific for that column only.


  • @JamesR - we are on the same page.  My initial note was a little light on detail, but we are saying the same thing.  

  • That is a top priority to make it into a system we can use across the board. 

    Lookups for drop down and also for ther fields are indeed highest priorities.

  • Another user who want's that option.. Dropdown menu from data from another page.... 



  • This feature could really transform Smartsheet from just a spreadsheet on steriods into a vaible alternate to a custom developed database application.


    Please Smartsheet, seriously consider this one.  Sooner than later.

  • This would be a super helpful feature for us as well.

  • Agree with all of above. Crosslinking a dropdown list to, say, a client list sheet is one of the first things I looked for. Disappointed that it has not been implemented yet. Is there any public list of what shartsheets is working on for the next release(s) and any sort of timeline?

  • System
    System Employee Admin

    This is an important feature for me to make the jump to SmartSheet.

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