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Sharing a Folder in a workspace

How can I share a folder with specific people in a workspace while limiting them from seeing other folders in the same workspace?



  • Jennifer-- We don't currently support folder-level sharing permissions, but I've added your vote for this to our enhancement request list. At this point, folders are purely used for organization of sheets. Sharing can only occur at the sheet or Workspace level.


    If there are sheets within a Workspace that you only want shared with specific users, you'll want to open these sheets individually and use the sharing tab to share only these sheets (rather than the Workspace as a whole) with certain users. That being said, you might still want to use a folder to help remind yourself which sheets in the Workspace are shared with outside users, versus with just the Workspace users. 

  • Thanks for the vote, Tony!

  • +1 for me too please

  • Hi,

    any update on this feature please? It's a big handicap when managing multiple projects under multiple folders, under multiple Workspaces. It's too much hassle to have folders set up outside of workspaces just to be able to give access to singular sheets!

    This is even more relevant for top managers who need access to multiple workspaces while limiting access to certain folders to certain employees...

    a big +1 please.

    Thank you

  • halewis
    halewis ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    My team would also benefit from this feature. Sub-workspaces would make our lives so much easier!

  • +1

  • Andres Pimentel
    Andres Pimentel ✭✭✭✭✭✭


  • +1! Any news on this update?? 

  • Hi,


    I just wanted to add an extra request for folder sharing please. I've just crashed into this!





  • PMGuy
    edited 04/05/18

    Vote +1 for me. This would have saved me some time and frustration.

  • PatrickBA
    edited 04/06/18

    Morning PMGuy,

    Thanks very much for your advice. Its my first post in the community. I'll make sure i do that in the future.

    I do think you need to work on your customer care skills. I found the comment very cold.

    All the best,




  • Pls add my vote to this as well.



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