Hi everyone,

I am using Smartsheet to implement an AM (additive manufacturing) order tool for a SME, which uses AM for prototyping. Objective of that project is to directly set an order out of the CAD programm (STL-file, part specifications) into Smartsheet, which will automatically send a notification to the supplier, who will then have access to an order form to fill in the confirmation data.

It is important that the supplier has an overview over all the orders from us, but since we are working together with more than one supplier, I want to hide orders from other suppliers. With the filtering function, one can only display the orders from one supplier by setting a criteria. Now, I want to ask if it is possible only to enable a filtered sheet for certain users?

Or does anyone has suggestions how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for your support!


I don't think it is possible to apply filters based on the user without a 3rd party app.  However, to get the specific order information from each client I would suggest that you set up an automated action (update request) which is triggered by a new row.

As for sharing only specific orders with your client, the best way to do this would be using a report with the filter already applied.

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Thank you so much for your answer!

I solved it as you told me and it works, only problem is that I have to unlock the original sheet to the supplier in order to let him make changes on the report.


& sorry for my late reply!

Hi as Jack says the reports is the way forward for suppliers, the only thing I would add is that you publish the reports and there are variouse option there and share the url link to the respective customer contact.  This way they will only see thier data and they will be able to look at it whenever thy want through the link you send then.


With regards to 3rd part apps, Smartsheet have an app that may be suitable but it is an extra cost  the following link gives you the basic info, but you will need to talk to the sales team to find out more.  It is quite expensive so will depend on the business needs priority.