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Embed form in an automated email

Macorne ✭✭✭✭

I would like to be able to embed a form in an automated email that is sent out to people once a week, so that I can request status reports. I would like to use this, instead of an update request, so that I can have a historical record of previous status and comments.

Embedding the form will improve the user experience, especially for Project Owners who are not as familiar with Smartsheet. Lets be honest - Execs will take any excuse not to fill out a survey. Having to click a link that doesn't contain good information about where it is taking you can look like a scam - especially when it is not coming from an email within your network.

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We love this idea too! While it's not a part of our current plan, this is exactly the kind of thing our team is thinking about every day. If we believe we can make this idea a reality, we'll plan to update the status here.


  • Lyn C
    Lyn C ✭✭

    The question about embedding a form has been asked several times, but I have not seen any responses on a solution. Does Smartsheet monitor these questions to assist in resolutions? I would really like to to utilize this functinality.

  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Lyn C

    Thank you for commenting and Voting on this Idea post!

    The Product team reviews the top voted posts each month to gather customer feedback and provide a status update on the most popular ideas.



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  • Matthew L
    Matthew L ✭✭✭✭

    Echoing this idea as this would be an awesome feature that would add a lot of versatility to the use of forms for teams that use forms for project updates (which I'm sure many teams do since this is something I learned from Smartsheet reps).

  • Learner3000

    Upvoting again in February 2024 for this function. Likeliness of response is higher for any kind of input from users if they do not have to click a link to get to the input. Would love to see an embedded form in automated email.