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Report Creation tool within a sheet


One of my most frequent uses of Smartsheet is as an editorial calendar for a weekly newsletter. I create a new sheet for every month of the year. Exiting a sheet and creating a report is not too much of a hassle but, it would be nice if I could click a button within a sheet that automatically opens a new page that is a report for the sheet I just created. Additionally, I think it would be nice If I were able to do some pre-sets for the report(in the sheet) to come out in the report, when I click said button to generate a report.

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  • Paula Grahame
    Paula Grahame ✭✭✭✭

    It would be great if we could see an option to create a report off of a sheet that you are live within versus creating from the create page and selecting your source sheet to reference and build off of.