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My Smartsheet Contacts vs Group Management

Richard Adams
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

In using the Assigned To column, I found that several Contacts did not have their First and Last name fields populated.  So, I went into My Smartsheet Contacts and updated all of my Contact items so that all have their First and Last name fields set.  I then saved the sheet, closed it, reopened it and went back to the Assigned To column.  I once again found the entries *without* their First and Last name fields populated!  In evaluating the issue, it seemed to me that the Assigned To list was being populated from the list of persons I had shared the sheet with, not from My Smartsheet Contacts as I initially assumed.  I am sharing the sheet via a group, so I went into Group Management and found the Contacts were missing their First and Last name values!


My question then is how to manage the Contact items in a Group?  My assumption was that when I updated the Contact items in My Smartsheet Contacts, that the Group would have pulled from that to update those Contacts also.  However, it appears that each Group is using a wholy separate list of Contact items stored independently from My Smartsheet Contacts.  The only option I see is to remove each entry and readd them.  However, that will span unwanted emails to those persons.  How can I work around this?


Screenshot of My Smartsheet Contacts showing the fully populated Contact item:




  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Good question, Richard! Your Smartsheet contacts are specific to you. You can add any name you want to any email address. However, functionality that is associated with a users Smartsheet account (such as groups, user management, etc) pulls in the name and email address from their Smartsheet account (not your Contacts). The reason why you do not see a name for Bryan is because they have not set a name for their account. 



    Ask Bryan to set a name for his account by going to Account > Personal Settings > Profile to set a name for his account. A SysAdmin for your account (Team/Enterprise only) can set a name for him by going to Account > Account Admin > right click on his name > Edit User. 

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