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Admin Authorise change


Hi all,

would it be possible to add in a feature so i can select a column which allows people with editor permission to change. However before that change is locked in, an admin has to check and approve the change.

One of the main reasons we use smart sheets is the ability to lock columns and rows which is fantastic.

However from time to time there is a reason for somebody else to make a change. For example i'm currently using smart sheets to consolidate data for vendor rebates into one file. i have a list of all the vendors and 5 or so extra rows called 'Other' in case there is something new or something that doesn't fit within the standard array.

Ideally i would like it so people can click to edit those fields and suggest a change, this change will be sent to admins for there approval. From this approval i can link with Data mesh to make the change across all files and would be a great addition to allow a more streamlined process.



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