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Send Row Feature - Remove Log In button?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I'd like to be able to send rows to people that are not users in our SmartSheet account, but fill out a form that populates rows in our sheet. Is there a way to remove the Log In button in the header of the "Quick Update" email that goes out when you "send row"? I like the logo that is left justified in the header, but want to remove the "Log In" button feature that is right justified in the header.




  • Mark Mader
    Mark Mader Employee

    Hi Jomi - 

    Thanks for the post.

    We are in the process of re-designing the udpate request and send row features (should be out within the next 2 months or so) and I will make sure the product lead receives this feedback.

    Hopefully you'll like what we have on the way -- it includes the ability to select which columns you wish to send as well as provides a vertical / form based layout of the information as opposed to a wide grid based layout -- which is less enjoyable to view on a phone.



  • Thank you for your prompt reply! Looking forward to the update. :)

  • I ditto what Jomi said and would add that I would like to send a discussion with the Login button removed. I need to be able to make a comment to a client and it would be easiest to do as I'm in discussions making a status update but the Login button confuses them and I don't need them to login, just read my comment.


    Thanks, looking forward to the updates! Love Smartsheets!



  • Jef Forward
    Jef Forward ✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/22/15

    I would also like to have this option as well. I would use this feature in so many more situations.  Thanks!

  • Did this change get made? I'm not sure if I am using the new or old functionality ?

  • Mark Mader
    Mark Mader Employee

    The improved Update Request and Send Row features are planned to be released tonight, the evening of Friday August 7, 2015.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    As a quick update - the release was postponed to this Friday (August 14th). 

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