Requesting scheduling for events that show up in calendar view

Richard D. Vogt
Richard D. Vogt ✭✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

I'm using Smartsheet to request things through different processes in our organization, but one request process that is giving me headaches is requesting after hours air conditioning. We use building automation to control when air conditioning runs, and people have to request A/C if they are using a facility when the A/C is not scheduled to run. We use the Calendar View to see the requests, and the status of those requests is conveyed by changing colors. One-day, two-day, and week-long schedules are easy to accomplish, and easy to see in Calendar View. What is lacking is an easy way to schedule recurring events, such as every Tuesday and Thursday for the month. The schedule bar stretches across weekends from the start date, to the end date, and isn't visually intuitive. We need some way to request schedules for recurring events, and to have them display visually as they should in calendar view. Maybe have a section of the request form that built an array, and then inserted the individual days as seperate child rows under the main request row? I'm thinking out loud here...