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Implement a pop-up warning to alert someone and verify that they want to delete a row.  You do it for unlocking rows, and that's nothing compared to deleting a row.


Give us a new user level with edit access but no ability to delete rows

or make it impossible to delete a row if any cell in that row is locked (even if by column)


Currently, any editor can delete an entire row and there is now way to stop them.  Restoring a row from a backup copy does NOT restore the cell histories or other tracking information related to the cells/comments/attachments/changes.


This is a long running issue.  Please see the following posts:


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Again, remember that even with a ‘backup’:

1. You will not be able to restore any cell history.

2. You will not be able to put the comments back in with the correct layout.  (time/date/user stamped, etc)

3. You will not be able to restore the original value of any system column where an index was created.  (e.g. a unique ID or counter)

4. You most likely will not be able to restore the attachments correctly because even with a backup none of the attachments have markings to show what row they were attached to.

So yes, you may be able to restore the latest cell value, but you have lost so much.


This problem needs to be fixed, and is important, but has not been given the attention that it deserves.  Please fix this Smartsheet.


  • I'm all up on this one. Count my vote, and then count it again.

  • User Backups also do not include dashboards or reports. 

    It would be nice if you could lock rows and columns then exclude certain fields. 

    This can be accomplished by locking some columns then only the unlocked fields can be edited. 

    Here's the big problem.  If you lock rows then the fields you left open to edits are now locked. 

    If you don't lock rows then an editor can still insert or delete rows. 

  • Smartsheet, if you're listening, this is a deal breaker for using your tool at our National Government Laboratory as far as our Procurement department is concerned. This flaw in your system allows anyone to delete any rows that contain historical data and attachments that are required for our record documents.  Is this really not on top of your list of priorities?  Can we all talk a little louder on this?

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    Please reference list of forum posts of users expressing pain because of this problem, compare it to the product update announcements, and then reconsider the statement, "...if you're listening..."

  • Hi everyone—

    Editors can't delete locked rows. If you lock the entire row, an Editor won't be able to delete it.

    We also have an automation feature so that you can conditionally lock or unlock rows:

    If locking the entire row isn't an option, update requests are a great option to allow people to edit sheet information without having sharing access to the sheet—which would prevent them from being able to delete the row.

    Another option to look into is creating a report and having people work out of the report as opposed to the source sheet:

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    Thanks for re-posting the workarounds.  For some people these may represent solutions.  However, all of the items you listed are in fact workarounds to a systemic problem - and all of them represent increased workload for admins/owners and/or reduced functionality for users.

    Please do the following:

    1. (stop-gap) Implement a pop-up message whenever someone tries to delete a row.  (this is already done for the 'unlock row' feature, and should be fast and easy enough to implement for 'delete row')

    -zero impact on existing user rights


    2a.  (solution) Implement a change to the software that will allow sheet owners to prohibit deleting any row that contains a locked cell/column.


    2b. (solution) Implement a new user level that is "Editor - safe" where the user has all the rights of an Editor but where the 'delete row' functionality is greyed out.  (There is only one permission difference between 'Editor - cannot share' and 'Editor - can share', so the precedent is there.)


    Before you implement another change to the User Interface, or integrate another piece of buzz-worthy new software, please FIX this issue which has been bothering users for >3years and represents a QA no-go for many companies.


  • Having more granular control over the ability to access/edit/delete/download/etc. is paramount to security at all levels and sizes of business. I think Smartsheet has built quite the foundation to operate upon, but the inability to fine tune permissions is a major vulnerability and is only exacerbated at scale. 

    Obviously, I cannot speak to the feasibility of these solutions, but I will add my voice in support of the "already a paying customer" crowd. I understand the desire to stay fresh and bring in new customers. However, it appears there are some issues/ideas in these forums that continue to go unaddressed or worse unacknowledged. While some of these things may not be simple to resolve or implement, I feel there is a growing sentiment that there is an increasingly unbalanced focus between the desires/needs of the existing customer base and the "the path ahead". 

  • Completely agree with this post.

    One of my team members just discovered today, by ACCIDENT, that he can irreversibly DELETE a row when attempting to EDIT, from the right-click menu (se attached)

    I had completely taken for granted that only an admin's would be able to delete rows...  In what common use scenario is having multiple users with delete privileges a good idea? 

    At the very least, the UI needs to provide some protection against mouse clicks by separated these very different use-models in space.  This should not be hard to do.

    Beyond that, I like the idea of adding a warning message or a 2nd verification step!

    However, simplest and most robust solution is to make row deletion admin-only.  This also should not be that hard to do...

    Locking rows is not a viable solution when cells in rows need to remain editable while work is in progress. 

    "Submit update request" is also a no-go, because it would turn the admin into a full-time micromanager and scribe...these are the very pitfalls that caused my company to move from pen/paper/whiteboard to Smartsheet in the first place.

    20190607 Smartsheet R-click menu.PNG

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    Hi everyone,

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