Multiple approvals process

tads ✭✭
edited 11/07/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

I'm creating tracking for a change process through various departments.

What I need after project submission into Smartsheet is:

  • Team 1 - intake, review, notes and approval (either approved - no comments, approved with comments, or hold - with comments)
  • Teams 2-15 - same as above
  • No one team's approval is subject to any other team's approval, so this could fire to all teams simultaneously

I have tried to use the Go-To-Market Checklist but am having issues with the automation firing correctly. I either need it to fire to all project owners simultaneously, or I need it to fire to the next area when the previous area is complete. It really doesn't matter. If I'm moving it to new area after old is done,, how do parent/child rows impact this? - Do I need to have a project owner listed in each section of each heading AND each heading row? I've added a "next area" owner and used that as my trigger but it's not firing to either the next area within a heading or the next heading.

I would like to capture each team's input on a form for ease of use.