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  • Workspace sharing
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    We are working on an update to workspace sharing and would like to invite you to take this two minute survey.
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  • Online Customer Order Forms for Customers and Sales Team
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    Hi, I signed up the free trial and have been watching a few of the smartsheet videos and playing around in the dashboard  but I still am not clear if smartsheet will work for us and I'm hoping to share what I am looking for and then someo…
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  • Collaborators and Reports
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    I have a workspace for my team of 10.   3 users are paid licensed users. 7 users are non licensed users   The non licensed are setup as Editor - cannot share   I created a report within the workspace.  One of the non licensed users …
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  • Recurring Reminders
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    Is there any way to set recurring monthly reminders for each row for content which doesn't get updated? I am doing up a rental collection sheet, and need to set reminder for the person in charge on a monthly basis.   Thank you.
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  • Assigning Colors to Contacts
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    I use the gantt charts and calendars to make sure my contractors are not in two places at once.  Is there a way to color code each contractor so when I assign a task, it automatically shows in gantt and calendar view as the color assigned …
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  • History of Project Viewers
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    Hi,   Is there a way to see history of who has viewed project plans? I often share plans with developers and would like to see if they have viewed plans. Thank you!
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  • New in Smartsheet: Gantt and Calendar Views on Reports, Better Update Requests, and More
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    Smartsheet’s newest improvements give you more power to choose the level of detail you want to share, both within and outside your organization. Send a project rollup to executives using Reports, now complete with Gantt and Calendar Views,…
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  • How to send a notification to a selected recipient
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    How do I get SS to send a notification to a contact whose name has just been selected from the list and entered in a webform?  Like, when column [supervisor] is set with a particular name, please notify [selected supervisor] of this chang…
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  • Send Row Feature - Remove Log In button?
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    I'd like to be able to send rows to people that are not users in our SmartSheet account, but fill out a form that populates rows in our sheet. Is there a way to remove the Log In button in the header of the "Quick Update" email t…
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  • I love using Smartsheet, I am still learning how to set up my project management sheet
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    I wish I knew how to set up alerts specific to certain people.   I also, would like to learn more about restricted access to what customers can see vs. clients or vendors (etc).     I am still confused about how to use the Gannt chart …
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