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Using Contact List Column Type in Task List Forms

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I made a recurring task list based on the template Smartsheet provides. I have tasks assigned to different contacts in a contact list column, and users enter new tasks through a webform. My issue comes when they enter the "Assigned To" name.  Even if they type their name EXACTLY how it is on their account and in the current contact list, the new entry in the sheet doesn't have their email attached to it - I have to go in and edit it to make sure the email is connected.


I do this so that I can have reminders go out to just the person who is assigned to the task based on the due date. Since you can't use formulas with Contact lists, I can't just use a drop down list for the form and have a formula interpret it into an appropriate Contact.


Any ideas?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 07/06/15

    The contact list column will auto resolve contacts based on who is in their Smartsheet contacts list, who is a member of their account under User Management (for Team and Enterprise), and who is assigned to tasks in the sheet. Here is an example of how it should work when they start typing in a name:




    If they are typing in their own name, it should still auto resolve with their name and email address. Is this not happening for you users? How are they accessing the sheet? Are they shared to it and log in to access or are they viewing a published sheet?

    Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 1.28.55 PM.png

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    Having the contacts resolve in the sheet works just fine. What I want is for the web form field to work - right now, I have an "add a task" web form where users add a new task and put their name on it, using the contact list field. When the form entry appears in the sheet, the name shows up in the contact list column, but does not connect to the contact information - the email doesn't show up even though they enter the exact same name. I have to go in the sheet and manually select the contact.


    The point of the webform is to keep all the columns in the task list un-editable by employees except the "Completed" column so they can't designate their tasks to someone else. Only the manager can change this information.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Gotcha - I didn’t realize you were referring to web forms. Check out this post were we discussed this same question: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/webform-names-dont-match-contact-list-when-inputted-form


    Its not possible at this time to associate contacts entered in a web form with Smartsheet contacts but I will add your vote for this enhancement request. 

  • +1 for this!  Will also add vote to the other thread.  Whatever helps!

  • steven.reed14881
    steven.reed14881 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would also love this functionality! I use forms all the time, and not having this requires me to request that people enter their email addresses into a form, which really bugs me! The fact that this thread is over 3 years old concerns me a bit on the chances of this enhancement ever happening.




  • I also vote for this!

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