Community Corner Newsletter [February 2024]

Maxwell Griffith
Maxwell Griffith Employee Admin

Hi all, Max from the Community team here to kick off the month of February 2024. It has been a while since I posted our second ever Community Corner Newsletter back in May of 2023. We’ve come a long way since then and I can definitely attribute this to our amazing and growing Community Team.

I have the distinct pleasure of following in the footsteps of our lovely Community Engagement Manager, @Alison Clancy who published a phenomenal newsletter to kick off 2024 with a bang!

Let’s get into what has been happening in the Smartsheet Community... and remember to scroll down ⬇️ to the bottom to learn more about what has been going on in the life of Max.


Community highlights

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Community updates

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Pass the mic 🎤 Community Champions

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“One of my favorite things about the Community is how people use formulas in new ways...Did you know you could do algebra with time stamps by stacking LEN and LEFT/RIGHT formulas? Formula stacking is insane and I absolutely love it. With Smartsheet, you can pull off things that are seemingly impossible in other platforms.”

@ Nick Burrus, BPO Manager at Ubeo


Member Appreciation

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Overachiever's Motivation Mix

The Smartsheet Overachievers are here to give you the songs that will keep you going and keep you achieving! Here’s what’s on the playlist right now.

PSY, "Gangnam Style"

"’Gangnam Style’ is my daily anthem for driving change because, much like PSY's dance, I believe in galloping towards innovation with style and flair. If he can make the whole world dance to his tune, surely I can get my office to groove to the rhythm of progress!”

- Jorge Pilicita (@Leonardo), Account Director at Dexterra for National Defense Canada


More about me

Before you venture off to explore more of our Community I’d like to share a little more about me and my favorite event from recent times.

A little about where I am geographically: I live 2 hours north of New York City in the beautiful Hudson Valley region (if you haven't been I highly recommend visiting).

For the past three years I was engaged to the love of my life and we finally tied the knot in September of 2023 on beautiful Vashon Island, Washington (same area of where we both met and grew up).

Not only am I FINALLY excited to be married to the most wonderful person in the world, I’m also thrilled to share every waking moment with my best friend forever while growing, learning, and tackling life's biggest challenges and triumphs ahead.

If you are wondering what we are doing for our honeymoon… look no further.

Throwing a bit of a curveball here:

We didn’t have a traditional honeymoon in the sense of right after the wedding came to a close we set off on a big trip, quite the opposite actually 👀. My Wife is in her last year of Graduate School at NYU so we had to make our way back home in time for the beginning of her Fall semester. The REAL honeymoon will take place this coming Spring in the city of love, Paris! 


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