Feature Request

I have used Smartsheet for years and find it to be the best Project Management platform to date.

I have a few features I'd like to suggest be added in the near future... please note if you'd find any of these helpful too. Hopefully this will help grab Smartsheet Developers/Engineers attention.

- "View As (Other User)" ability... similar to a feature Facebook & LinkedIn uses for Security/Privacy settings. It would be great, especially as an admin, to be able to check how other users w/ possibly different permission levels within our account are able to view certain sheets/reports/sights without having to ask them to login to their account. 

- "Expand All Children Rows" & "Collapse all Parent/Ancestor Rows"

- "Arrange By" options for Folders/Workspaces/Sheets... this would be especially helpful when using cell linking. 

- "Form with Logic" or a form that can have additional questions w/out additional columns. Maybe a Form built from (2) separate sheets so that when submitted, each sheet receives the information based on column data submitted. 

- "Multiple Forms per Entry" so (2) forms on one sheet that submit information for the same row. 

- "Advanced Editing Permission Level" - Ideally, a permission level somewhere between the current Edit & Admin permission levels.

This permission level would have the same abilities as a current editor permission, plus the following:

  • Copy & Paste Current Rows (These Rows would retain formulas from a locked column.)
  • Hide/Unhide Columns

This permission level WOULD NOT have the ability to:

  • Edit a Locked Column/Row
  • Delete a Locked/Column/Row
  • Unlock or Lock a Column/Row
  • Remove Conditional Formatting
  • Remove/Add/Adjust Column Types


  • Hi Jessica,

    To make sure that our Product team is aware of your features and has a way to contact you if needed, please submit a Product Enhancement Request using the form under Quick links on the right of the community site.

    You can link back to this post so you don't have to retype your requests.


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