Automatically archive info to new sheet once hit limit .. ?

dana y
dana y
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

Hello there,


Was hoping someone could have some insight on this.  We are looking to see if smartsheets can be the platform for an operators log..  the features of the dashboard and filters to help ease searching ... 

But our issue is; the size constraints .. we probably would use 5000 lines in a few weeks and to manually archive could be cumbersome and another task to put on already busy people .. so would like to know once the size gets to a certain point; if there is something we could set up so smartsheet automatically moves this info to another searchable new sheet and has a new blank one ready to go?  or better yet a seamless transition that would be undetectable by the user ?

We still need to keep access to i would probably guess one years worth of logs .. 


Thanks much