Capturing multiple statuses, reminders for recurring tasks, form

Robert Lopez O.
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hello SmartSheet community, perhaps someone can give me ideas on how best to set up the following:

I have 30 customers and 30 different reps (one for each customer) who need to provide a status on that customer on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks.

The requirements:

  1. Use a simple form to collect the data, which is published through our intranet
  2. Send an email reminder every two weeks based on the last update, only if the user has not completed the task of providing the status
  3. Have a new entry per customer per 2 weeks. I.e. need to be able to look back at previous statuses
  4. Display the data collected in two charts which automatically update using the last two week's entries: 1-per customer, 2-overall

Can I use smartsheet to perform these tasks? If so, please educate me. I have created a form with drop downs for customers and reps but the rest does not seem to be a functionality I can easily create. I've read about conditional formatting, IF statements and some other variables but none seem to let me do exactly what I need. Should I create a form per customer, would that help establish the tasks and the recurring reminders?

Thanks in advance.



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