Resourcing is looking at SCC template gantts

Ezra ✭✭✭
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Firstly, yes - I know the Control Center sheets are not "templates" but I would want resourcing to be able to filter out the workspace or at least the folder used to spin up SCC projects.

Since I pre-load "assembly time" by assigning it to the genaric "Assembly" contact in ALL of the grouped gantt schedule options (of which only one is used in each project)... Is there any way to hide these from resourcing views?


  • IanN
    IanN Employee

    Hi Ezra,

    At this time, Resource Management doesn't have a way to exclude certain items. If Resource Management is enabled for those sheets and a contact is assigned, then they'll be included. This would be a great Enhancement Request to submit though, as I can see a number of use cases already. Please click the link in the right tool bar to submit that. 

    One possible alternative to using the Assembly value in your Templates, would be to instead add the value to your Intake Process. This would populate the Sheet with the information after provisioning and keep the value off of the source sheets.

    If you choose to go this route, I'd recommend checking out the following Help Center articles: 

    Just in case you need it, here a list of all of the available articles for Control Center: