I'm using the ticket template and want to use the update request feature. Currently it seems like the only way to do an update request is to assign it to a specific user, which doesn't make sense if you have an entire department working on tickets at different times of day. 

How do you request an update to a ticket (row) from anyone in a particular group/department? 


This is the ticket tracker we are using:





Hello Dajah,

If you're creating an automatic update request rule and you have a Dropdown list column that you can use to assign to a department, you can build a rule that will send an update request to individual users when the "Department" column changes to their department.

You'd need to build a different rule for each department, and type in the email addresses for everyone in that department. (Screenshot attached as an example.)

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Thank you for the reply.

If the update request is sent to all users, does that notification disappear for everyone else once someone from that department has updated the item?

Essentially I'd like it to be so that once the next team member online resolves it, every subsequent team member doesn't still have the request pending. 



Follow up question- can I set conditional formatting so that when a box is checked in a column (marking the row/ticket as Resolved) it clears the update requests that may be pending? 

Hi Dajah,

Creating this type of rule will send difference instances of the update request (on the same rows) to all parties. If one person completes the update request, it won't remove that update request for others (through conditional formatting or other means). There currently isn't a way to conditionally delete pending update requests automatically.

If someone else submits an update request after one has already been completed—that previous person's update may become overwritten.

Typically, the level of collaboration that you're wanting everyone to participate in is best handled directly in the sheet.