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  • Open to Today's Date - shift a little to the right?
    In API & Developers
    This is a small request - how about modifying the setting of opening the Gantt window to today's date so that it appears an inch or so to the right, rather than nestling at the edge, kind of out of sight? It would help give added perspecti…
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    37 views 1 comment Most recent by Chris McKay
  • Webhooks API
    In API & Developers
    Hello, Does anyone have any good examples of using the webhooks feature of the API to send notifications to Slack? I'm not sure if I have everything structured correctly in Smartsheet but, essentially whenever a certain cell in a sheet (…
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    29 views 1 comment Most recent by Kara Lumley
  • wrong class attribute in Search Sheet (Smartsheet API 2.0)
    In API & Developers
    Based on the Python documentation of the Search Sheet functionality under Smartsheet API 2.0 (https://smartsheet-platform.github.io/api-docs/index.html?python#search-sheet) I kept getting an error with this code: response = ss.Search.sear…
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    40 views 1 comment Most recent by Steve Weil
  • Adding rows and data types with C#
    In API & Developers
    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to integrated SharePoint data into smartsheet. However, I am struggling with data types and most of the cells do not take my values. I think I have no issue with certain type like TEXT_NUMBER or DURATI…
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    717 views 3 comments Most recent by dAVE Inden
  • Refresh Button
    In API & Developers
    Please put the "Refresh" button next to save on the tool bar!    Almost everytime i hit save i have to go to the top and refresh.   Thank you!!
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    137 views 2 comments Most recent by Jazmin Gonzalez
  • minimap feature
    In API & Developers
    Can you please add a feature to display a minimap of a smartsheet that can be scrolled over. Similar to sublime text's minimap feature. It would make navigating over large spreadsheets much easier.  
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    26 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood
  • Automated import through the API
    In API & Developers
    Dear Smartsheet-Community, I am doing a semesterthesis in coorporation with a company that has been using Smartsheet for a while. My job is to create an automated order tool for AM parts, which serves as an order backlog including the 3D …
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    350 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood
  • Scatter Chart
    In API & Developers
    Hi! Do you have a timeline for adding scatter chart functionality to SS?
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    236 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood
  • Grabbing excel fields and displaying value in a smartsheet field
    In API & Developers
    I'm trying to figure this out.... I have 100's of excel files that are not formatted in rows and columns but these excel files all have the same fields and headers configured like a report.  I want to "connect" these cells of ea…
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    396 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood
  • Include update request button on Alerts
    In API & Developers
    Hello, Is there a way to include the update request on an email alert?  We currently send our customers a notifications when they submit a request. What we would like to do is give the customer the ability to update the request without g…
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    57 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood