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  • Delete row method returning a parsing error when it previously worked
    In API & Developers
    Hello,   This method was not giving me any issues prior to today. I'm using hte c# sdk.      code: smartsheet.SheetResources.RowResources.DeleteRows(long sheetId, Sheet getSheet, true) returned error:  NameValueType ▶$exception{&…
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  • Set default home sheet
    In API & Developers
    Is there a plan to allow for setting a default home sheet?
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    1.1K views 2 comments Most recent by atreece82646
  • Processing Limitations: List of formulas in order by relative processing power required?
    In API & Developers
    Hey Community! One of my first requests. I dug around and so far haven't found anything, but my apologies in advance if this has been addressed elsewhere. My company has been bouncing off sheet limitations for a bit now, yet none of our …
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  • Can anyone help, please? Error on update formulas in cells with API
    In API & Developers
    Hello! I am using your SmartSheets JavaScript SDK: https://github.com/smartsheet-platform/smartsheet-javascript-sdk for automate some process in sheets. But when i try to set/update formula in cells, i always get an error ‘#UNPARSED’ ins…
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  • Smartsheet for Outlook only works on default email account.
    In API & Developers
    I installed the Smartsheet for Outlook App and it works fine *BUT* it only shows up on my default email.  I am running Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 and I am using Outlook to access 7 emails accounts,  both business and personal (a mix of MS…
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  • how to receive excel file notification for the newest update in smartsheet ?
    In API & Developers
    Hello, for the current smartsheet, for each new/update records in smartsheet: we receive an email notification for these updates. that is great.., however, in stead of receiving an email with all the new/update records on that email. are …
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    65 views 8 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå
  • GMAIL and Smartsheet Integration
    In API & Developers
    Good afternoon Is there a reason why we are not able to fill out some of our columns on the Samrthseet Side bar ?   It says "Please edit the following columns in Smartsheet" which requires an added step.......   Thank you  …
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  • ODBC-Smartsheet connector
    In API & Developers
    I am trying to add  smartsheet connector  in User DSN through ODBC Data Source Admin.  It keeps on saying invalid username/password. I am pretty sure I am using right credentials. I can login to smartsheet with that.  We recently enabled…
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  • Field Employee time tracking software that integrates with Smartsheet?
    In API & Developers
    I'm looking for a time tracking solution for field employees that integrates with Smartsheet.  In our organization we have a master project list sheet that compiles project data for all of our active projects.  Our field installers are cur…
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    411 views 2 comments Most recent by Richard Rymill SBP
  • Having viables on a form
    In API & Developers
    I have a form that my company uses to enter new jobs on our manufacturing schedule, However  we also do a select amount of installs. Is it possible to have the form be able to have a drop down menu (this i know it can) that when The questi…
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