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  • Using Percent Value to Set Dropdown
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    I am trying to use a formula to set a dropdown value based on the percentage value. Here is the formula I am using:   =IF([Percent Complete]7 = 0, “Not Started”, IF([Percent Complete]7 < 0.26, “Just Started”, IF([Percent Complete]7 &l…
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  • Basics of Webhooks from other applications via SurveyGizmo
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi, I am new to attempting to work with these Webhooks and could use some help.   I use SurveyGizmo as a surveying tool to gather information from a large amount of users. I am trying to build it to where everytime a response is made in …
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  • Best practices for incorporating human resources/work force for company with multiple divisions
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    I'm trying to find the best way to incorporate my companies career path/employee roles for mulitple projects throughout five divisions. Request the best practices for resource management for mulitple projects. 
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  • Is there a formula to check one checkbox for a row that will check other checkboxes throughout the s
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    I am creating a sheet that contains the same item on multiple rows and need a way to link the checkboxes, so if one is checked all are checked. Please help!
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    Closed 137 views 2 comments Most recent by J. Craig Williams
  • Automatic hyperlinks disable
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Could you please tell me  if PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT or disable automatic link conversion (when pastes in a cell) will be done anytime in  a near future?    If it is not planned anytime soone 1-3month , then  could you give me some directio…
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  • gant bar color
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hello,   I am desperately looking how I can change the color of a gantt bar. Right clicking on it .. only shows me "edit" option .. but not "color" option. conditional formating : If I select to apply a color to the…
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    Closed 55 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood
  • Help with formula to avoid #DIVIDE BYZERO ERROR message
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hello, I have a large formula trying to achieve an AverageIf function - but I still sometimes get the #Divide By Zero error - any ideas of what i can do to the formula to avoid this?   =SUMIFS([HEP Time (Minutes)]:[HEP Time (Minutes)], […
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  • Gantt Chart timeline issue
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi there,   When I try to print a Gantt Chart the timeline is in, say, months or quarters, but when I press the printer icon it automatically converts to a weekly timeline. Does anyone know how to control the timeline when I print?   T…
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    Closed 36 views 2 comments Most recent by Paul R
  • Web Form Completion Remiders
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Is there a way to set a reminder asking users to complete a web form?    
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    Closed 23 views 1 comment Most recent by Tim Meeks
  • Bar charts in tables using REPT function
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    I know SS is working on embedded charts for Sights but an easy workaround would be to have bar charts in a single cell using the Repeat function as in Excel.  This is really a Text based formula cheat whereby a "|" is repeated by…
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    Closed 78 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood