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  • New Navigation Improvements to Smartsheet
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    Community— On December 13th, we made navigation improvements to Smartsheet. These updates include removing Smartsheet tabs in place of browser tabs, and a new left panel where you can access your Smartsheet items. For details on these ch…
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  • Did you miss our “Ask Me Anything” with marketing expert- Dan Bloom?
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    Thanks to all who joined us for our "Ask Me Anything" session with Dan Bloom! We had a lot of great questions and look forward to hosting more of these sessions in the coming months! Missed the session? Please read the below to …
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  • Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams: Send Alerts to a Teams Channel
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    We're excited to announce new capabilities to our Teams Integration. You can now send an alert to your Teams channel to let colleagues know of important changes of your work tracked in Smartsheet—for example, when an important milestone is…
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  • Network and share the #CanDo spirit with fellow marketers in the Marketing Group!
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    Our new marketing community group is live! Connect and collaborate with your fellow marketers, get your questions answered, gain access to marketing-specific content and events, and share your marketing expertise and know-how.  To learn …
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  • Webinar Recording Available: Create dynamic forms with conditional logic
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    Missed the webinar? Review the recording in the Smartsheet Learning Center. In this webinar, we introduce you to enhancements for Smartsheet forms, including how to: - Create forms using the full-screen form builder - Customize forms usin…
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  • Upcoming free webinar on 3/19: Advanced Formulas!
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    This webinar is the second in a two-part series focused on formulas. Use advanced formulas to automate information in your sheet and gather insights into the work you manage in Smartsheet.  In this webinar, you will learn how to use formul…
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  • View our recent webinar on collaboration and best practices!
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    Drive collaboration and transparency across your teams and organization, allowing everyone to work together to achieve more. View our recent Collaboration Best Practices Webinar where we shared how Smartsheet streamlines collaboration thro…
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  • Introducing Automated Workflows and Recurrence
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    Community— We've introduced automated workflows, which make it easier than ever to build, manage, and collaborate on Smartsheet automation. You can now: Consolidate multiple automated actions into sophisticated workflows, including multi…
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  • New Community Experience on the Way
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    Hello Community, Heads up that we’re getting ready to make some updates to the experience here that will make it easier for you to find and share information. When we do that, we’ll need to make the site read-only for a period of time.  …
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  • Announcing 24 New Formulas!
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    Each year, Smartsheet hosts a hackathon called “Hack the Sheet.” During this hectic, exhilarating, and productive week, our entire product and engineering teams get to work on projects they are super passionate about. We divide ourselves …
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