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  • New Features Announced at ENGAGE’19
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    As many of you likely know, our third annual customer conference, ENGAGE’19, is going on this week in Seattle. On Tuesday we announced a number of new features, including some that you have been asking for here in the Community. Here’s a q…
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  • Weigh in About Smartsheet Mobile
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    The mobile team is planning work for app navigation and the mobile home screen experience. If you have 30 minutes to help out, please let them know! More detail in this post:…
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  • Conditional Reminders and Time-Based Triggers are Here!
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    Community- Yesterday, we added new enhancements to Smartsheet automation.  You’ll now create reminders in the visual workflow builder that we rolled out last fall for alerts and automated actions. That means you can send reminders condit…
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  • Share Your Smartsheet Story
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    Hello Smartsheet Community!  We are looking for innovators to feature in a major advertising campaign. “Can Do-ers” who are breaking through and achieving new heights, making an impact on their business, or even their industry.   Has Sma…
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  • New in Smartsheet: Critical Path and Duration in Minutes, Hours, and Weeks
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    We are excited to announce that Smartsheet’s two most requested features, critical path and duration in minutes, hours, and weeks, are here! For every project, having a greater level of control over task duration and working hours helps …
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  • A New Way to Submit Your Feature Requests
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    Hello Community!   We've devised a web form that you can use to submit your ideas for features that you want to see included in future versions of Smartsheet.   You can access the form here.   This is the best method for submitting y…
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  • Please Share Your Thoughts About This Community
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    Hello Community! Later this year, we’ll make improvements to the Smartsheet Community experience to make it easier to find and share information. Some of the planned features include subject-specific forums, better search and filtering, a…
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  • Smartsheet Mobile Apps - New Features Study
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    UPDATE: Hi everyone — appreciate your interest. We've closed this study to further submissions. Note that we may not be able to reach out to everyone who signed up.
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  • New Slack Integration: Send notifications to a Slack channel
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    You can now notify a Slack channel on sheet changes! Configure this from Alerts & Actions in the menu bar. More information on the Slack integration: * Apps & Integrations Page * Help Article
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  • Act on Smartsheet Requests from Google Hangouts Chat
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    You can now receive alerts and take action on requests in Hangouts Chat! Details on this are available in the Help Center.
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