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  • New Features in Smartsheet
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    Hello Community, We recently updated Smartsheet to include some new helpful features. This update is centered around formatting improvements, and a way to give ownership of your sheets to other licensed Smartsheet users. Here's a breakdo…
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    299 views 6 comments Most recent by jryan
  • Card View Is Here!
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    For those of you who have been asking about features to support agile methodologies, we have good news: Card View is here. If you want a head start on becoming a Card View pro, check out our new Help Center articles on visualizing your pro…
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    174 views 27 comments Most recent by Tracey Siepser
  • New in Smartsheet: See Images in Your Sheets
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    With Smartsheet’s latest improvement, you can now insert images directly into cells and view them in the context of your work! The images snap to the grid, meaning they will auto-adjust when changes are made to the row. You can customize y…
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    880 views 13 comments Most recent by Sarah Cocherl
  • New Feature: Automated, Date-Based Alerts & Actions up to 365 days from a date
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    Community Members, You can now trigger your automated Alerts & Actions up to 365 days before or after a specified date (manually specified or in a Date column). For example, send an alert to a task’s owner three days before a deadlin…
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  • Improvements to Sharing, Filters, and Enterprise Controls
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    We’ve just released new features in Smartsheet that focus on improving sheet sharing with a default view, added a button to enable and disable your applied filter, and improved our Enterprise-level domain whitelisting feature. We've also r…
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    129 views 8 comments Most recent by J. Craig Williams
  • ENGAGE’18 Early Bird Pricing Ends June 30!
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    Just a reminder that early bird pricing for this year’s Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference ends on June 30.  Register by then to save $100 on your full conference pass, then join us from October 1-4 in Bellevue, WA for thought-provokin…
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    27 views 0 comments Started by Shaine Greenwood
  • Integrate Smartsheet with Workplace Chat by Facebook
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    Receive Smartsheet alerts and take action on requests within Workplace Chat by Facebook. Integration page: Help article:…
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  • New Chart Types for Dashboards
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    We’ve added 8 new chart types for a total of 14. The new charts are as follows: * Smooth Line * Stepped Line * Smooth Line Area * Stepped Line Area * Straight Line Area * Donut * Half Donut * Half Pie * Stacked Bar * Stacked Column You c…
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  • Reminders sending more rows than expected
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    We're currently investigating an issue with automated reminders sending more than the expected rows. We hope to have this resolved for you soon and appreciate your patience. We'll update this page when more information is available. *4/9 …
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    29 views 0 comments Started by Isaac Benton
  • New Look & A New Feature, Charts!
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    Hello Community, Business and enterprise users can now plot their sheet data on charts. Add a charts widget to your dashboards (formally Sights) to visualize data and make better decisions more quickly. More information on this is availab…
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    62 views 12 comments Most recent by Eleonora Scoseria