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  • For Every one want to have More color symbol for health Status column.
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    Dear Community Memebers, I saw many equations asking to have More color symbol for health Status column, so i added this post to be a simple reference to solve this issue and with your help and comments we can develop it to match the most …
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    210 views 5 comments Most recent by Suresh Seetharaman
  • Using Forms & Automation to Drive Leads
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    Good afternoon Smartsheet Community, We use Smartsheet Forms sometimes for some client contact forms to track real estate or other sales leads. We found it helps to use Forms and Automations to make it super easy to contact potential clien…
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    104 views 0 comments Started by Nick Burrus
  • Formula To Indicate A Task Is Ready Because Predecessors Are Complete [Solution]
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    I have seen many posts about people wanting the ability to indicate a particular task/row is ready to begin because all of the predecessors are complete (many of them archived). All of the proposed solutions had short comings (e.g. only wo…
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    473 views 7 comments Most recent by Tanner Polzin
  • Using a nested IF to determine a range
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    Here's a little tid-bit I just figured out today... You can use a nested IF statement to output ranges/cross sheet references that are to be evaluated. The particular use case that led to this was an INDEX/MATCH where we wanted to INDEX o…
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    65 views 6 comments Most recent by L_123
  • Tips & Tricks for the new experience
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    Hi everyone, I hope you're well and safe! I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread with tips & tricks for the new experience. Here's my first one, and it's a big one, IMHO. Full-Screen View Have you found any? I hope th…
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    145 views 0 comments Started by Andrée Starå
  • Working with Symbol Formulas
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    Hello Smartsheet Community! As our Community grows, I am starting to see some trends about features and workarounds users want to learn more about. For these topics, I am starting a new series of announcements. In this series, I will write…
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    14K views 17 comments Most recent by Mike Wilday