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  • Try Out Upcoming Smartsheet Features
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    Hi Community Members!   We'd like your feedback on some upcoming features that help you stay on top of work that requiring your attention.   Head over to Daniel Stein's discussion to get started.
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    32 views 0 comments Started by Shaine Greenwood
  • Feedback Requested: Using Formulas Article
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    Hello Community! We just made changes to the "Using Formulas" article in our Help Center that we’d like your input on. A few of the modifications include: * Alphabetizing the list of available functions. * Extensive function ar…
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    22 views 12 comments Most recent by J. Craig Williams
  • Formulas Usability Study
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    Hello Smartsheet Community!   We're conducting a usability study for formula enhancements in Smartsheet and we'd love your participation!   Head over to Daniel Stein's discussion and use the Sign Up Link to get started.
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    22 views 0 comments Started by Shaine Greenwood
  • February Release Highlights
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    Our new release focuses on Card View improvements with lanes by assigned user, Contact List column improvements that make your important contacts easier to select, as well as number formatting and international currency improvements. Note…
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    12 views 2 comments Most recent by Daniel Stein
  • Smartsheet for Outlook is here!
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    Today we are excited to announce Smartsheet for Outlook (beta) for Outlook Online (Office 365) and Outlook 2013 desktop (Windows) and Outlook for Mac (Mavericks or newer)! This app allows you to create or edit Smartsheet tasks directly fro…
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    170 views 26 comments Most recent by David Edwards
  • New Skype for Business Integration, Improvements to the Toolbar and Sheet Filters
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    Our new release includes an enhanced toolbar (redesigned based on customer feedback), a new Current user criterion for sheet filters, and Skype for Business Online integration.   Note that the referenced Help Center articles below will b…
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    12 views 11 comments Most recent by Shaine Greenwood
  • Improvements to Smartsheet Sights™, Reports, and User Management
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    We’ve just rolled out a new release that includes improvements to Smartsheet Sights, Reports, and User Management. Note that the referenced Help Center articles below will be updated with information on the new features tomorrow, Sunday (…
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    53 views 16 comments Most recent by Kyle Kaldor
  • Status of System Updates
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    During October and November, Smartsheet had been experiencing a number of issues with our system. In order to mitigate the situation, we are in the process of upgrading all of our systems. On Saturday, December 10, we migrated to our new d…
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    63 views 0 comments Started by Andy Lientz
  • New Business Plan Available
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    Hi Community,   Some of you have already noticed the availability of the new Business plan for Smartsheet. We created this plan in response to the popularity of Sights™. Prior to the introduction of the Business plan, Sights were availab…
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    93 views 1 comment Most recent by Melissa DeLong
  • New Smartsheet Solution Category: Project Management
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    Hi Smartsheet Community,   We’re excited to announce the release of our new Project Management Solutions! The Project Management Solutions includes 5 categories, each with a bundle of templates and a detailed how-to guide based on best p…
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    57 views 3 comments Most recent by Jennifer Greenough