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  • Filter on Critical Path, Locked Rows, Attachments, and Comments
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    Hello Community! The title says it all; we've just released a new Row filter criteria that lets you filter on whether a row has or doesn't have the above (title) criteria. More information on this feature is available in the Using Filters…
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    784 views 3 comments Most recent by Erik Jensen
  • April 15th Smartsheet Service Event
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    Last weekend, we performed a datacenter fail-over exercise to validate our disaster recovery capabilities. As a result, today (Monday April 15th), some of our customers experienced application performance issues related to the core applica…
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    56 views 3 comments Most recent by Shaine Greenwood
  • Smartsheet App for iOS: Accessibility Support With VoiceOver
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    We’re proud to announce that we now support Apple’s VoiceOver for accessibility support when you use Smartsheet on your iOS devices. Access Smartsheet items and even edit sheet data on Smartsheet for iOS—even if you don’t see your screen. …
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    97 views 0 comments Started by Shaine Greenwood
  • Scan Barcodes with the Smartsheet Mobile Apps
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    You can now use your device's camera, as well as the Smartsheet mobile app to scan barcodes to search for or input data in your sheets. IMPORTANT: You'll need to update to the latest version of the Smartsheet app for iOS or Android, and…
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    1.6K views 17 comments Most recent by macalandap
  • Advanced Notifications: Stay on Top of Important Changes
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    Yesterday, we released an update to Smartsheet that includes more robust notification rules. Notify people automatically when they’re assigned to a task, or when one of their assigned tasks changes. Check out our Help Center article on Ad…
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    1.7K views 4 comments Most recent by kagrawa
  • Community Guidelines Update on Sharing Sheets to other Community Members
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    I wanted to make everyone aware of a recent addition to our community guidelines which cautions people from sharing sheets with one another in the community. Here's the specific language that we've added to the guidelines: Always know who…
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    45 views 1 comment Most recent by Mike Wilday
  • New Formulas Feature: Reference Data from Other Sheets!
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    You can now reference data from other sheets in formulas! Create a master lookup table sheet and use VLOOKUP to find data on another sheet. More information on this new feature is available in our help center:…
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    756 views 9 comments Most recent by David Conas
  • New Interface & Charts Improvements
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    To free up space for upcoming features, and make navigation easier, we’ve moved the toolbar from the left to a “ribbon” toolbar at the top and moved the bottom tabs to a right panel and menu bar (above the toolbar). Check out this blog …
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    357 views 26 comments Most recent by MrM1ke
  • New Features in Smartsheet
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    Hello Community, We recently updated Smartsheet to include some new helpful features. This update is centered around formatting improvements, and a way to give ownership of your sheets to other licensed Smartsheet users. Here's a breakdo…
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    385 views 6 comments Most recent by jryan
  • New in Smartsheet: See Images in Your Sheets
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    With Smartsheet’s latest improvement, you can now insert images directly into cells and view them in the context of your work! The images snap to the grid, meaning they will auto-adjust when changes are made to the row. You can customize y…
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    1.2K views 13 comments Most recent by Sarah Cocherl