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  • JOIN formulas
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi team,   Just discovered JOIN formaula - very helpful!   However, I can't seem to get it to join THREE coloumns together.    I'm using this formaula for joining two which is working perfect: =JOIN([Quantity (m3)]1:[Time required]1…
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    Closed 532 views 13 comments Most recent by J. Craig Williams
  • Adjusting Lane Width & Card Height in Card View
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hello!  Is it possible to adjust the width of the lanes or the card "height" in Card View?  I am currently working w/ 4 lanes and would love to adjust the width of each lane, thus allowing more detail to be shown.  The ability to…
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    Closed 967 views 6 comments Most recent by John.Kerr
  • Shortcut to Collapse / Expand
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi, It would be very useful to have a shortcut to Collapse / Expand grouped lines, instead of clicking on the little +/- buttons. When using a lot of grouped lines it becomes really tedious to always look for these tiny buttons. Is such…
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    Closed 2.5K views 13 comments Most recent by JBudd
  • Enhancement Request: Allow "when condition is not met" for Date columns
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    In order to do some common date related conditional formatting (for example, aging or older than 7 days ago https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/setting-conditional-format-when-date-eg-more-week-ago), we need to create a formula.  …
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    Closed 88 views 2 comments Most recent by Vanessa_SOS
  • Arabic Language
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    hi we would like this platform to support Arabic Language as a GUI thanks
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    Closed 229 views 2 comments Most recent by joshyboy
  • Counting current months in a date column
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hello, I am trying to get a count of due dates in the current month, here is the formula I am using and it always returns zero. the formula is in a text/number column and the data is in a date column.   =COUNTIF([Due Date]3:[Due Date]20…
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    Closed 559 views 3 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå
  • Biotech or Pharma companies
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    are there any Biotech or Pharma companies using Smartsheet that I can speak with regarding setting system up.  Our finance group set the system up to track POs & Invoices, however Clinical needs the system to incorporate timelines and …
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    Closed 177 views 3 comments Most recent by Paulla Miller
  • CountIF using AND
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with this function below? =COUNTIF((AND([Field CSA]:[Field CSA],"Name"),([Status]:[Status],"TEMP"))) I need to count the occurrences where the Field CSA column has the w…
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    Closed 5.1K views 6 comments Most recent by Sidney
  • Justify Column Names
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi SS users,   Is it possible to centre justify the name of my columns.....   Minor detail, but makes my sheet look messy.   Cheers, Kylie
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    Closed 158 views 6 comments Most recent by dave.mcpherson56751
  • Unable to Modify End Date in Report
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    I have a report in which I want the stakeholders to be able to update the start and end dates that are used for resource scheduling on the report and not the Smartsheet with all the raw data. We can modify the start date but not the end d…
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    Closed 829 views 5 comments Most recent by Doug M