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  • Formatting Reports
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    Today I built my first report, and I am bummed out because there was no option to format it. Because each cell's data contains the formatting (especially colors and shading) from its respective source sheet, the final look of the report en…
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    Closed 1.7K views 13 comments Most recent by Rob Ford
  • Time formatting
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    How can i get Smartsheet to recognise time format i.e. 7:30am & 17:45pm and also to be able to calculate the total hours?
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    Closed 3.5K views 11 comments Most recent by Ford
  • gantt chart using time as a scale
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I would like to apply smart sheet to my workstation for daily manufacturing status board. Is there any chance for me to change gantt chart scale from date to time.  
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    Closed 208 views 5 comments Most recent by kolfinna
  • Can I have multiple attachment fields in a web form?
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I have a new requirement to have more than attachment field in a web form. Example: the form asks for specific budget information in one section requiring upload(s), and then in another section we would like to add an area to add receipt i…
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    Closed 2K views 16 comments Most recent by vdiaz
  • Subcontractor needs Help
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    We are new to smartsheet and looking for advice on the best templates to use to track schedules, and being able to track delays, etc.  Would anyone be willing to share ideas or sheets that you have found useful to your business?   Thank …
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    Closed 46 views 3 comments Most recent by Richard Rymill SBP
  • Editing Reports Without Having Access to the Underlying Sheet?
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    For my solution it would be very convenient to share reports with edit rights without granting them for the underlying sheet. I was not able to achieve this, however, I may as well have tried it the wrong way. Any idea?   Thanks and chee…
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    Closed 1.8K views 25 comments Most recent by Zach B
  • CountIF where cell contains specific word
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    Hi   I've read a few posts and dicussions but still can't seem to find an answer that I can use.   I'm collecting data and have some basic dashboards setup which display the number specific words are recorded.   As an example: Clini…
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    Closed 7.8K views 10 comments Most recent by Beergod
  • Using Formulas in "Assigned to" collumn?
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I'm a newbie here so don't be too harsh!   I am trying to determine if if is possible to set up a dependancy to auto-assign a task to a team member. At my law firm I am creating a few templates that assign certain tasks on each case to o…
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    Closed 1.4K views 36 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå
  • How do I share selective sheets within a workspace?
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    When some staff doesn't need access to everything in a workspace, how do I share only selective sheets?  Please help.  Thank you! 
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    Closed 17 views 4 comments Most recent by GB
  • Sharing A Resource View
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I have created various resource views by OBS and would like to share them with other users similar to the way it is done with a sheet. How do I share a Resource View?
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    Closed 448 views 34 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå