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  • Duration in months
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    How can I set the Duration column to be in months, instead of days, weeks...?   thanks Gally
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    Closed 4.1K views 8 comments Most recent by harveygnzlz
  • Parent and child relationship in CardView
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    Is there a way in CardView to show the Parent / Child relationship?  For example, If in Grid view, row 6 is the Parent of rows 7, 8 9, and 10.  In CardView can the card equating to row 6 be left justified and cards 7, 8, 9 and 10 be slight…
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    Closed 880 views 20 comments Most recent by Genevieve P.
  • Enhancement Request: Show indent levels of project tasks in reports
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I would really love to see the indent levels of tasks in report based on a project plan.   Today all tasks are shown left-aligned. With a rising count of tasks, subtasks and subtasks of a subtasks (and so on) it becomes confusing and unr…
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    Closed 1.8K views 24 comments Most recent by chris.stetler83201
  • How do I reset a webforms entry count?
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I built a new webform and during testing I generated a few test rows into the underlying spreadsheet.  I am able to delete these test rows but how do I reset the entry count that appears when the form is opened from the sheet.  Setting it …
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    Closed 1.2K views 5 comments Most recent by Wendy Ulatowski
  • Disable email notifications from Update Requests
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I am the owner of all sheets for my company, and I regularily send out update requests to confirm if tasks are completed. It was brought to my attention that the task managers to whom I am sending the requests are receiving "Update Co…
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    Closed 958 views 18 comments Most recent by LMAIL109286
  • Selecting Multiple Values from a Dropdown List
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I have created a "dropdown list" column and added the values. I want to be able to select multiple values from the list. How do I do that?   Thanks, Judith
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    Closed 176 views 18 comments Most recent by Cindy Van den Bremt
  • Project schedules with fix dates
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    Some of the tasks in my Smartsheet project have fixed dates that can't change dynamically ( ie, scheduled training sessions ). I'd still like to list them as dependencies for other tasks. I'm assuming there is no way to do this, based on o…
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    Closed 400 views 3 comments Most recent by eric-td
  • Merging two sheets into one.
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    Does anyone know how to merge two sheets into one seamlessly to include all attachments and discussions please?   Thanks in advance,   Andy
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    Closed 3K views 5 comments Most recent by Samseen
  • How to include parent rows in reports?
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    Is this possible?    Saw a workaround (https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/smartsheet-tips-displaying-parent-rows-reports) but is there an easier way?   I see an example it in the Sights Gallery - Sales Pipeline as well
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    Closed 453 views 6 comments Most recent by Ben Donahue
  • Can you sort rows or filter in the iOS app?
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    I am trying to sort a list from ascending to descending in the iOS app.  Or filter out values less than a certain number.  Seems like this would be very standard functionality for a spreadsheet.  Am I missing something?  Any help would be …
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    Closed 647 views 5 comments Most recent by mjohnson1108696