Hi there!

I am wondering if is an opcion to modify the styles of the web form iframe? 

Right now I am using the free version, but being a member/licensed user and paying every month is there an option to modify the styles of the iframe?

We are a company and we would like to integrate the form on our



I have a timesheet tracker setup with a web form (mobile) to allow me to quickly keep track of my daily activities etc.


There is a basic formula setup to auto populate my mileage based on a site code that I enter.


=IF(LOC8 = "Home", "00", IF(LOC8 = "KH", "90", IF(LOC8 = "NP", "110", IF(LOC8 =


I would love to start a dialogue with anyone using Smartsheet as a case-management/CRM/email tracking tool. We will be moving to a true case management tool later this year, but in the meantime...we created a Smartsheet and are using Zapier to forward emails to create a line in the sheet.