Is it possible for the gantchart view to automatically scroll to today upon logging in. 


Summary of Problem :

- Smartsheet user logs in to view a shared release plan. 

- Gantt Chart automatically starts from the first date on the timeline.

- The user has to then scoll on the x-axis of the


I have been syncing my smartsheets to my personal google calender for a while now. I now want to change this as I have set up a work google account. How do I change this as everytime I try and sync the calender it keeps going back to my personal google account. There must be a simple solution but I


Hi There


We have call Smart sheet a number of time, left about 5 messages and still waiting on a reply I have also emailed as seen below.





Jacqueline Niemand


left-header 2



Hi there,


We Emailed over 10 hours ago and it’s still coming up with the following error we have loss a whole day with