I created a sheet that has cells, some of which contain no values but still have fill color, which I used to create borders so that it is easier to visually distinguish between sections of the sheet.


The problem is that without any values, formulas, or anything else in the cells, the fill


New to Smartsheet - I see that a reminder can be set to a maximum of 14 days prior without setting a calendar date. My guess is the 14 day prior will float with a change in the schedule (rain days, etc.). Does the calendar date float as well? If not, how can a reminder be set for more than 14 days &


I'm trying to get a formula to count the number of Check Boxes that are checked in all the Children rows under a Parent row.


When using ="Count:" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), 1), which is one of the formula examples I'll get this Count: 2


All I'm looking for is the number so I tried


We have built our Employee Annual Evaluation process into Smartsheet.  While we have very tight access privleges on the Roster where the info is stored (HR personnel only), we are utilizing the "Update Requests" to the supervisor in charge of completing the evaluation.  While Smartsheet manages the