I have a hierarchy of checkboxes.  I am trying create a IF(AND) formula to at the Level 1 checkbox to be checked once all the Level 2 boxes are checked.  I am able to make it work when I reference each of the cells , for example:  =IF(AND([Map Complete]18= 1, [Map Complete]19 = 1, [Map Complete]20 =


Hi Community—

Need some advice.

My team uses an Excel spreadsheet to track account updates. Weekly we add a column to the right and the team inputs a paragraph of text. So the existing Excel sheet is up to column "AH" since we are at calendar week W42. So next week ... "AI" and so on. The previous



I would like to capture and freeze the date a drop-down column gets changed to "Picked Up by Customer".  I tried modified date but that field gets changed too often to accurately reflect the state.  Essentially, I want to know how many widgets were issued by date they were issued without



I have noticed that the criteria for sending update requests to an individual in a 'contacts' column can be set for a specific date, but I am looking for the ability to send a routine monthly reminders/updates to these individuals on a recurring basis.

It appears the functionality for routine